Dyslexia is a term used to describe a specific difficulty learning to read at the level expected for one's age. Many people think of dyslexia as a problem with letter reversal, or of writing letters back to front.

However, there are a variety of reasons why someone has difficulty learning to read. The most common reason is a problem listening for sounds in words and using this to help work out (decode) new words. A smaller percentage of dyslexic students have difficulty recalling the usual patterns of letters within words.

A complete academic and cognitive assessment with registered psychologist Teresa Cavallo is also available and will provide detailed information about your learning strengths and weaknesses.  This information is always helpful in understanding why aspects of schooling may have been difficult for an individual.

Depending on what is learned from your assessment, it may be recommended for you to complete the COGMED working memory training programme.  This intensive computerised and individual training improves working memory, an important skill in reading comprehension, concentration and numeracy.  More information about COGMED can be found on the COGMED website www.cogmed.com.au

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