Mildura Kids Clinic Cogmed

Linda Phillips is a qualified Cogmed coach. 
Cogmed is an evidence-based intervention for improving working memory.

What is Working Memory and why is it important?

Working memory is that ability we have to hold information in our minds, keeping it active for a short span of time, so that we can use it in our thinking. It is critical for focusing our attention, shutting out distractions, following directions, learning and successfully completing complex tasks.

All of us have working memory limits but when capacity is particularly constrained, information is more readily lost, our attention, learning and productivity are affected. Working memory can be improved with specific and intensive training.

Cogmed provides intensive, repetitive computer training with the support and monitoring of your Cogmed coach.  The training is enjoyable but challenging and is suitable for children and adults.

For further information about the programme see the Cogmed website
or call Mildura Kids Clinic for an information pack.