What happens when I attend speech therapy?

The first visit will usually involve a 1 hour session during which the speech pathologist will ask some questions about the nature of the problem. It is helpful if you bring along your child's health record which contains a record of early development if this is relevant.

Once the child is at ease with the speech pathologist, they will complete some simple tasks, often while involved in a game, to enable the speech pathologist to listen to their speech.

After the assessment, the speech pathologist will write a report outlining the results of the assessment and making some recommendations for therapy. This will be discussed with you and a decision about the need for further visits can then be made.


Referral is not required. However, please bring any relevant reports with you to the assessment session.

Sessions are available most weekdays. Appointments may be made by telephoning the clinic on (03) 5021 5569 during business hours.

An assessment session of one hour is scheduled initially. Follow-up sessions are usually 30 minutes duration and may be scheduled at weekly or fortnightly intervals. The schedule is flexible and may be altered to suit individual needs.

Parent attendance

A parent is generally expected to attend the speech sessions to enable them to gain the skills necessary to understand the program, expectations of the child, and strategies to assist them.


Children attending the clinic are provided with a speech workbook containing information about their program. This provides a record of the activities the child is practising for parents, teachers and carers.

Attending Speech Therapy


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